New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

On the market, we can find many brands of footwear for plantar fasciitis treatment. However, one of the best shoes is considered highly is New Balance shoe. This model ensures to offer very good support for the feet, especially for the heel and arch areas. They provide needed comfort and support for dealing with plantar fasciitis. In fact, this unit has become one of the top brands in the world. Through this article, we want to introduce top shoes of New Balance brand to help you choose the good New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis.

New Balance Shoes For Men

New Balance MR993 Running Shoe

They give wearers good stability when you walk or run. Thus, you can ease your fatigue when running. These shoes ensure to give a very good support for your heel. New Balance MR993 Running shoes are considered as the king of comfort. Therefore, this is really a great choice for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

MW977 Walking Shoe

This product is perfect for many different activities as walking around, hiking, or traveling. With these shoes, you won’t be stopped by plantar fasciitis because of phenomenal support for your feet. They are similar to hiking boots. Therefore, you can use running shoes for lighter wear.

New Balance Men’s MW811 Walking Shoe

You can’t ignore MW881 Walking shoes if you need ones for non-hiking shoe and non-running. Most of them have the same stylish with the sneakers. They are perfect for both function and comfort. Especially, this is a great choice for you, if you don’t want to wear jean.

New Balance Shoes for Women

New Balance WW749 Outdoor shoe

Most of the women tend to use running shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, if you are going to hike or garden, we recommend you to use New Balance WW749 Outdoor shoes. They give you more ankle support. This model is a combination of a hiking boot and a shoe. In addition to the best durability and ankle support, they also offer a good arch support and good heel for plantar fasciitis.

New Balance Womens WA800 Sneaker

If you need as much padding and support as possible for your plantar fasciitis, there will be no reason why you don’t choose this unit. Running shoes and walking shoe types can’t offer as much support as this model. Moreover, they have also a great look. Although they are super light, they ensure to give you a decent amount of support.


When you have plantar fasciitis, you have to suffer from the sharp pain it produces anytime you set your foot to the ground. In order to help your feet get lots of rest, you should consider buying supportive shoes. They are able to help promote the healing of plantar fasciitis. That’s why you need to look for yourself the best walking shoes for a painful plantar fascia. Consult this post to get top five products of New Balance shoes for both men and women with plantar fasciitis. Then, choose the most suitable pair.

How To Deodorize Your Shoes Effectively

Everyday, we must wear shoes to work and depending on our working environment which we can choose the suitable shoes. Sometimes you must wear a pair of shoes every day when you do not have time to wash them. Of course your shoes will be sniffy and its bad smell will make you feel confused even unconfident to contact with other people. So you should know how to keep your feet clean and how to deodorize for shoes. You should remember that the clean and non-smelly feet are the healthy feet. In this writing, I will share some tips to help you deodorize for shoes effectively.

Actually, there are a lot of tips to improve the smell for your shoes, now I will list 7 following typical ways as follows:

  • Use the jackfruit leaves
  • Use the newspaper
  • Use the moisture-proof bag
  • Use the talcum powder
  • Use the baking powder
  • Use coffee grounds
  • Use alcohol to kill bacteria in shoes
  1. Use the jackfruit leaves

With using some the jackfruit leaves about 2 – 3 leaves, you can deodorize the terrible smell in your shoes. You put the jackfruit leaves in your shoes until they are dry and take out. This simple way, you can reduce the bad smell significantly.

  1. Use the newspaper

For the leather shoes, you just use the newspaper to deodorize. You only roll a newspaper into and put it in your shoes. You will surprise its function because the newspaper not only absorbs the moisture well but also keep the bulge for your shoes. Besides, the newspaper can prevent the growth of bacteria inside.

  1. Use the moisture-proof bag

By this way, you can buy the moisture – proof bag on the market where there are many types for your choices with many different natural flavors and ensuring the safety for your shoes.

  1. Use the talcum powder

You can use Johnson Baby talcum powder to deodorize for your shoes. This way is very effective. You only sprinkle little the powder inside shoes and naturally it will deodorize and absorb the moisture.

  1. Use the baking powder

The kind of powder can deodorize very well. You just need about little baking powder – baking soda and then wrap in a thin cloth bag and after that stuffed it inside shoes. You will feel your shoes increase the bad smell rapidly.

  1. Use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are very easy to find out. If you have a habit to drink coffee every morning, you can use coffee grounds to improve the unpleasant smell in your shoes. You get coffee grounds and drying them until dry, then wrap in a bag and put on shoes.

  1. Use alcohol to kill bacteria in shoes

Just a drop of alcohol in the shoes is enough to kill bacteria inside. Alcohol is the volatile so you only make it this night and next morning your shoes will be without smell and the odor-causing bacteria have been eliminated.

In short, shoes are kind of things that you use them each day. So you spend a few minutes to “care” it by the simple ways above. The useful methods are very popular to reduce the bad small for your shoes.

4 Simple Tips That Will Keep Your Feet Healthy

Surely, any women who also wish to have the nice feet. For that reason, many cosmetics, clothing and jewelry have been designed and sold on the market now. Besides, a lot of beauty techniques have also been developed to help our women become more beautiful. People want to all parts of their body from head to toe must be nice in the eyes of others.

Nowadays, there are many beauty salons to meet the demand of people besides skin care, hair care….taking care of feet in hot Summer plays a very important. Do you know to care your feet yet? Here are some simple tips to take care of feet, you can refer them to have more experience to care your feet, right!

1. Wipe out the dead cells

This work can not dismiss if you want to have the nice feet. Wiping out the dead cells are very easy with the following steps:

  • You should clean the skin,
  • Use the exfoliating cream or salt to spread on the feet,
  • Wait for about 5 minutes, you use your hands or soft cotton towel to massage gently with the circular movement to remove the dead cells on the skin.

However, you should not abuse to wipe out the dead cells regularly, this habit only applies one time a week.

2. Soak feet in salt water

Enlist the leisure time such as when sitting in front of a television, you can get a large bowl of warm water, then add a little salt and soak feet in it. This is not only help to regulate the body’s blood circulation but also to reduce some symptoms of fatigue.

3. Moisturized skin with Vaseline

Once a week before going to bed, you can use amount of Vaseline cream for your feet to moisturizing. Often do it if you want the “supper soft legs” in the morning. However, you should make it twice a week to avoid the cosmetic abuse too much which affect to your foot skin.

Besides, you must protect your feet skin when you go out under the sunshine. This protection is also a way to take care of your feet.

4. Prune it regularly

Should make sure that you always prepare the nail clippers for yourself and use it any time when you need, you need to prune some nails regularly because it all nails will make your feet become more beautiful. On the other hand, you should keep them at a certain length.

In short, there are a lot of ways to have nice feet and healthy feet. I just share to you 4 simple tips which you can do it at home and easy to do by yourself. The feet have the big responsibility for helping the body’s movement. So the skin of feet is also different from other skin areas. Please choose some suitable methods to take care of your feet. The healthy feet will bring a good health for you. I believe that you are more confident with the beautiful feet.

Tips For Your Feet When Wearing High Heels

High heels are the “must-have” item in many girls’ shoe closet. This fashionable item for women always brings to users a stylish look and full of personality, but it also make their soft feet tired of standing in heels for a long time too many times. If you do not know how to care and relax the feet in the right way, high heels will affect heavily the condition of your feet then. The tips below will help you know how to take care of your feet best after wearing high heels.

1. Go barefoot or use soft slippers after taking off the high heels

After a long day “unbalancing” in high heels, let girls’ legs relax right by going barefoot, or using a pair of soft shoes to walk. This will make the foot muscles feel relaxed and more comfortable. Then you should spend some time to massage the entire soles of the feet, from the toes to ankles, calf etc. to make the blood circulation better.

2. Soak feet into warm salt water

The use of salt on health is undeniable. Soaking your feet in warm salt water will help circulate the blood regularly, loosen muscles and help you feel more relaxed after standing on high heels all day. On the other hand, salt contains minerals such as magnesium and sulfate naturally combined with warm water which will help dilate blood vessels and makes blood circulate to the legs more easily. Soaking the feet regularly in warm salt water helps the leg muscles recover cells quickly.

3. Exercise for feet

It sounds very complicated, right? But very simply, you just need to use a tennis ball and put your feet up and then roll around the soles. Without a tennis ball, you can use all kinds of circular objects with the same size to practice the feet. Massaging regularly helps reduce pain significantly and feet after a tiring day of wearing high heels.

4. Exercise for legs

In addition to exercise for the feet, all your legs should be mobilized gently and relaxing. To make the legs recover after an exhausting day with heels, before you go to bed, raise the legs up to make the blood be distributed evenly the entire foot. To do this, very simply, you put 2-3 pillows on a hard flat surface, then lie down and put the feet on pillows so that your legs slope upward. Hold this position for 10-15 minutes and repeat this every day, your legs will feel a lot more comfortable then.

5. Increase the humidity for foot

High heels will cause the ankle and heel become dry and chapped. Because this is the area rubbing usually with high heels and also the place being influenced significantly from using high heels. Therefore, if you do not provide moisture to the foot regularly, it will lead easily to dry and rough feet and bleed easily while wearing heels too long. You should regularly use moisturizer to massage into the feet after wearing high heels.

The Simplest Ways To Have Nice Feet


It is said that the feet are second body’s heart so the feet’s health plays a crucial role in keeping your health safe. Actually, during the day, our feet help us a lot in almost our activities.

Everyone, especially women, all desires to own the lovely feet and it is properly hard for some people to feel confident with their feet because of some reasons. Many girls always want to be as much beautiful as they can so they ask for the high heels’ help. Generally, high heels are supposed to be bad to their feet, and it is easy to lead to the fact that heels hurt from standing all day.

Hereafter are my 3 basic tips that I hope they will help you have the desirable feet effectively and therefore maintain the good health in your lifetime.

1. Exercise your legs and feet to stay healthy

If you want to have your feet or your legs slimmer as same as the thighs, you need to do a daily workout, especially exercises for your feet.

2. Moisturize the feet

One of the good ways to care for your feet is using the skin cream. The skin cream can moisturize the feet and it also has the fat to stable the skin. Moreover, in order to smooth the skin, you should utilize the night cream additionally. Remember to wear the thin socks subsequent to the lotion.

  • For dry skin: you should put to use the honey or the collagen mask for your legs and feet.
  • For brunette skin: the mixture of yogurt and tomato puree can make your foot or legs whiter. In order to have the best outcomes, you should wash and the softly massage the skin with the warm water after moisturizing the mixture round about 30 minutes. Moreover, you have to perform it frequently, about 3 or 4 times per week.
  • For oily skin: clay and seaweed are much considered.

nice feet

3. Exfoliating for feet regularly

Some mixtures, which are easy and cheap to make like a mixture of honey and sugar or lemon sugar, are used to exfoliate the skin or the feet skin to be more specific. You may spend from 15 to 20 minutes on massaging and concentrate much on the dry parts, which are around the knees and the heels and then wash out with the warm water.

Besides, the exfoliating cream, which has the fruit substances, is also preferred and perform it 2 times every week to have the best result.

In the modern day, the women work is not less than that of men. They have to go to school or go to work and then tiredly come home later in the exhausted body. Specifically, those whose jobs are the nurse, the salesman, surgeon, chef, flight attendant or traffic police have to stand a lot and the feet have to struggle all day long.

If people don’t take care of the feet as much as they need, it will cause some illnesses such as numbness or rheumatic pain. And of course, they will affect the job’s quality, even the health a lot.

However, there are just a few people realize the important role of feet and they don’t care much. To women, they usually pay much attention to the facial or body lotion and ignore that of the feet. You have to admit that the beautiful pair of the foot which is white, smooth will raise your beauty scores in the people’s eyes. Women who work in the air conditioner environment regularly will obviously feel their foot skin rough.

To have the perfect bare feet, you should follow 6 steps below.

Step 1: Remove toenails polish

Firstly, you should confiscate the old paint due to its interference in the nails’ growth. Natural makeup remover is usually used to help your toenails get rid of the old paint.

Step 2: Clean the feet

Secondly, after a long tired day outside, your feet should be cleaned to take away of bacteria or dust with mild bar soap and warm water. Then you soak the feet in the sea salt added few tea tree oil drops for 10 minutes to recover the springiness of your feet.

Step 3: Scrub

To motivate the growth of the new cell, you have to eliminate the dead cells by scrubbing with the soap from the toes to the heels to assure the whole feet are exfoliated.

Step 4: Fix the calluses at the heels

Because the foot skin at the heels is the thick hard skin so the common exfoliating ways won’t eradicate the dead cells completely and you just need to make the skin there smoother.

A sponge is used to scrub with warm water to eliminate slowly the dead cells on the calloused skin.

Note: You need to spend more time to scrub on this are of the skin because if you rub it heavily, you will injure the foot skin.

Step 5: Moisturize the foot skin

Utilize some cream to moisturize the feet and then after 10 minutes, gently massage the feet to help your feet always keep the moisture and the skin will smoother.

Step 6: Varnish the toenails

Lately, if you are a fan of paint snail, select the beloved types of the toenails to color for yourself and you have done with the perfect feet as you want.

In conclusion, women are always interested in the beauty so they take care of their appearance a lot and the appropriate and the elaborate processes are also required. As the same as other body’s parts, the feet have their own beauty and if you know how to beautify their skin, having nice feet is never a hard thing to you.

If you own the beautiful feet, you will feel more confident when you go out. Though these steps will take your time, you might keep some simple ways as your habit to maintain your nice feet.

P/s: If you have to stand all day on your work, you should choose the best shoes for standing all day to protect your feet from diseases. Don’t worry, I will give advice to you on another post, see you later.